College Services


Match Beyond proudly partners with College for America (CfA), a college within the nonprofit, fully accredited Southern New Hampshire University. CfA is dedicated to radically expanding access and improving the quality of higher education through offering low-cost, competency-based college degrees that are more applicable in the workplace.

CfA offers fully accredited Associate’s and Bachelor’s degrees through online, project-based learning.

Enrollment is open to Match Beyond students in the Boston area through a unique partnership with Match Beyond for $5,500 per year in tuition and fees.  Students may be eligible for federal financial aid.

CfA offers a flexible, 24/7 higher education environment that supports Match Beyond students as they juggle competing priorities in their lives.  CfA’s competency-based degree programs help students master specific skills (not just accumulate credit hours) to achieve their degree. Students may advance very quickly in subjects they have already mastered throughout their life and career, or can get extra time and support in areas new to them.

Projects are assessed by professional educators using rigorous, analytic rubrics.  To complete a project and move forward, students must prove mastery of a given set of competencies.  Degrees are available at the Associate’s and Bachelor’s degree levels in several widely applicable fields of study.

College for America is part of Southern New Hampshire University – a fully-accredited, 83 year-old nonprofit University, which also includes a traditional four-year college campus in Manchester, NH and one of the country’s largest online universities with over 50,000 students nationwide.

For more information on the CfA academic program, visit College For America's website.