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Match Beyond is showing promising results in increasing access and affordability for young adults seeking to gain skills and degrees in order to re-enter or move up in the workforce.
— Secretary of Education James Peyser during a visit by Peyser and Gov. Charlie Baker to Match Beyond

Match Beyond, launched in late 2013, offers accelerated degree programs through a pioneering approach that combines online education—provided by a partner, Southern New Hampshire University—with intensive coaching and support, including job-placement counseling.
— Education Next

Programs such as Da Vinci Extension, Match Beyond and PelotonU...embody the kind of innovative thinking needed to tackle higher ed’s intransigent problems, and they are pioneering new approaches to equitable, sustainable and scaleable postsecondary education.
— Allison Dulin Salisbury, EdSurge

At Match Beyond, (we) have had success building relationships with employer partners that help our students and graduates earn jobs that suit their skills and interests.
— Michelle Carroll, Grads of LifeVoice, Forbes

Match Beyond, which combines the low-cost flexibility of an online education with the one-on-one tutoring approach ... could better serve students, move the needle on college completion rates, and give many more people a route to the middle class.
— The Boston Globe

Although the online, competency-based providers are offering attractive, low-cost options, many don’t have the supports in place to do whatever it takes for students who, for any number of reasons, have traditionally struggled with school. That’s what makes the launch of Match Beyond so intriguing.
— Michael Horn, Forbes

Match Beyond is demonstrating that when you add focused support to a flexible and affordable degree program, the results are very promising. Match Beyond, and programs like it, could lead to dramatic improvement in degree attainment among young adults.
— Tom Vander Ark, Education Week Blog Post

For 30 years, uAspire has been helping low-income students to enroll in college; we have made traditional colleges work for tens of thousands of students, but many students simply cannot access these institutions. Match Beyond is the most promising new innovation in the field in decades. Match Beyond offers a novel and compelling alternative for students requiring flexibility, low-cost, and support to overcome personal barriers.
— Bob Giannino, Chief Executive Officer, uAspire

Online competency-based education is the key to filling in the skills gaps in the workforce ... A new world of learning lies ahead. Time to pay attention.
— Michelle Weise, Harvard Business Review

With improvements in education technology and our greater understanding of how to identify and respond to individual learning needs, the strategic moment is here to take personalized learning in post-secondary education settings to the next level.
— Jacob Murray, Brookings